3/26/12, 1:24pm EDT (nest time), 3/29/12, 12:12pm EDT (broadcast time)
The last image of this fledging season. I will post a video retrospective on the season both here and on the official Jordan Lake facebook page.... what a wonderful experience it has been!!!

3/29/12, 12:12pm EDT, approximately 3/26/12, 1:12pm EDT NEST TIME
The video feed has ended. Great run... Great season on Jordan Lake, and, appropriately both juveniles on the nest together for our last glimpse into their world. I will post the last image above.

And, now out on the branch!!!

Preparing to exit the nest...

3/24/12, 11:46am EDT (nest time), 3/27/12, 10:46am EDT (broadcast time) UPDATE:
North Carolina, among other things, is also recognized on license plates as "First in Flight"... whilst, the observation may not qualify as "flight" we have had a "Branching" to a support limb to the nest at upper left... I have alot of captures that will be posted later... not exactly a "leap-of-faith", but, "branching" in every sense of the term... enjoy!!!

4:24pm, 3/26/12, UPDATE:

3/26/12, UPDATE, a replay of 3/23/23 (originally broadcast yesterday) is on the video feed. Back to a three day delay.

5:30pm EDT, 3/23/12, NEST TIME, TWO day tape delay: Here is the latest fish delivery.

9:45am EDT, 3/23/12, NEST TIME, TWO day tape delay: A brief visit and fresh sushi delivery.

9:04am EDT, 3/23/12, NEST TIME, TWO day tape delay: The eaglets continue to self-feed on the first fish delivery of the day.

8:25am EDT, 3/23/12, NEST TIME, TWO day tape delay: The first fresh fish delivery of the moring.

5:57pm, EDT, 3/24/12, broadcast time --> 6:57pm EDT, 3/21/12, three day tape delay: Parent arrives at nest, no new catch to share; parent enjoys some previously delivered fish, and then shares a large chunk with an eaglet:

3/24/12, approximately 4:21pm EDT, 3-day tape delay: Whilst we have not seen any 3/20/12 tape, the feed is now broadcasting 3/21/12 shortly behind current time on a three day delay; which, is likely 4:30pm EDT adding an hour to the time stamp... in any event, if you were concerned the juveniles had fledged during the recent downtime, this screenshot will put that to rest:

3/24/12, 3:30pm EDT Update: The small widget feed caught my attention to activity. Checked the official FaceBook page, no update... checked my streaming script of chatterer activity and found this:

3/24, Update: The video feed is again down. No status updates on the Jordan Lake Eagles FaceBook page; but, a ustream chatterer from New Jersey reports that a fix is in the works for this afternoon. Unsure the source of her information, so, your mileage may vary. Currently, we have seen NO images from 3/20/12. Stay tuned.

3/23, Update: The video feed has been down all day. Continue to run the small widget in the corner of my desktop. If it returns, I will post observations. Twitter feed autocapture remains running in case notifications are posted there instead of facebook.

Late afternoon Update: video has returned; it is previously viewed footage from 3/19.

3/19, late afternoon, but, not previously available: Just the left wing of one eaglet; huge, branching soon.

3/22, 7:30am EDT, Update: The ustream feed is now on a three-day delay, replaying yesterday's tape. I will check back in the afternoon to see if yesterday's missing portion is broadcast.

3/21, Just a quick note for those looking for updates: The ustream feed was erratic this afternoon following the two previous observations (below). It is currently on a four day delay feed which has previously been observed and annotated.

3/19, 11:12am EDT 2-day tape delay: A very brief catfish drop to the lower rails, less than 20 second parental visit. The newest catch is visible on the lower rails under the eaglet at right.

3/19, 9:55am EDT 2-day tape delay: A parental fly-in with what appeared to be a small shad, some beak-to-beak feeding, then the parent easily consumes half the fresh catch. The remains of last night's catfish are still visible, along with what appeared to be a small bird.

3/18, 7:27pm EDT 2-day tape delay: Dusk settles on the lodge at Jordan Lake, and both parents are in the nest to finish off that catfish!!! A "full-house".

3/18, 4:47pm EDT 2-day tape delay (nest time): WOW, this "belly-up" catfish delivery just broadcast could be the single largest fish delivered during this 2012 season. Catfish do not present the "scale" problems other fish cause, the eaglets will have a fun time with this "skinned" species !!!

3/18/12, 7:56am (nest time}: A fish is being delivered, and an eaglet "wing-hops" quickly over to claim the fresh catch; and mantles the prize for an extended time.

3/17/12, nearly dusk (nest time}, 3/19/12 (broadcast time): A large fish is delivered. Little remains of the unidentified delivery earlier.

3/17/12, 6:35pm EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 10:35pm EDT (broadcast time): A large furry or feathery protein source is delivered, one eaglet aggressively de-feathers or de-furs as parent had done.

3/17/12, 5:35pm EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 9:35pm EDT (broadcast time): A large fish is delivered during a short visit, feeding frenzy ensues.

3/17/12, afternoon: Both eaglets scan the sky and vocalize in unison !!

6:07pm: BREAKING NEWS: The US Army Corps of Engineers just advaned the ustream feed either 18 or 19 hours. It is now TWO DAY DELAY. KUDOS!

3/16/12, 6:18pm EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 5:18pm EDT (broadcast time): A planned delay video feed outage was announced by a US Army CofE employee on ustream. The 3-day-delay feed has returned with a parent 'policing' the pantry. No food delivery.

3/16/12, 3:05pm EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 2:05pm EDT (broadcast time): I have seen "AIR" under both eaglets feet today. "BRANCHING" is imminent!

3/16/12, 11:51am EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 10:51am EDT (broadcast time): And, now, in a repeat of this morning's earlier behaviour, the second parent arrives at the nest.

3/16/12, 11:44am EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 10:44am EDT (broadcast time): The "empty nest" trend from the last couple days has clearly ended. Here we have another parental visit, no fish delivery was necessary. Some self-feeding from today's earlier catch, and minimal beak-to-beak feeding.

3/16/12, 10:05am EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 9:05am EDT (broadcast time): Sated, the juveniles would later do some self-feeding.

3/16/12, 9:55am EDT (nest time}, 3/19/12 8:55am EDT (broadcast time): A fish (carp) delivery. Beak-to-beak feeding, and here the second parent arrives for a brief visit.

3/15/12, 7:00pm EDT (nest time}, 3/18/12 6:00pm EDT (broadcast time): Well, that departure was short-lived. Here a parent returns with a fresh catch. I still expect to see both parents before dark.

3/15/12, 6:33pm EDT (nest time}, 3/18/12 5:33pm EDT (broadcast time): A parent arrived at the nest, no food delivery, but, surprisingly some beak-to-beak feeding. This visit was over 20 minutes; but with dusk approaching, suspect we will see both parents for a family portrait shortly. The parents have been away from the nest bowl since before noon. Both juveniles have exhibited "hover-like" cross nest "semi-flights."

3/15/12, 11:11am EDT (nest time}, 3/18/12 10:11am EDT (broadcast time): Another fish delivery. The juveniles did not show much interest in a beak-to-beak feeding. Will likely wait until parent departs and self-feed as necessary.

3/15/12, 9:32am EDT (nest time}, 3/18/12 8:32am EDT (broadcast time): That brief visit (below) was indeed followed by this fish delivery.

3/15/12, 9:21am EDT (nest time}, 3/18/12 8:21am EDT (broadcast time): A three second parent touch-and-go visit by the parent leaves both juveniles looking in the direction of departure. These type of brief visits are frequently followed by a fish delivery.

3/14/12, 7:16pm EDT (nest time}, 3/17/12 6:16pm EDT (broadcast time): Another parental fly-in as dusk approaches; does some further shredding of the fish previously delivered (see screen capture below".

3/14/12, 6:12pm EDT (nest time}, 3/17/12 5:12pm EDT (broadcast time): The second parent makes the Jordan Lake Lodge a "full-house". It has appeared over the last few days the parents are actively encouraging "branching behaviour".

3/14/12, 6:10pm EDT (nest time}, 3/17/12 5:10pm EDT (broadcast time): A parent flys-in with a small fish; and, the second parent will join the previously empty-nest in moments (see screen shot above).

3/14/12, 12:02pm EDT (nest time}, 3/17/12 11:02am EDT (broadcast time): Very quiet morning on the Jordan Lake Lodge. Parents must be in the "encourage branching phase" with the juveniles. Here, the one on the nest vocalizes to sibling perched on the rails.

3/13/12, 6:37pm EDT (nest time}, 3/16/12 5:37pm EDT (broadcast time): Yet another large chunk of fish is delivered.

3/13/12, 4:53pm EDT (nest time}, 3/16/12 3:53pm EDT (broadcast time): A small bird was included in the delivery noted below. Here the parent defeathers before the juveniles basically consume all the meat. Note the size compared to parent. Branching is just around the corner.

3/13/12, 4:44pm EDT (nest time}, 3/16/12 3:44pm EDT (broadcast time): The previous delivery (noted below) was the start of nest activity. Here, we have a nearly whole fish delivered, and, it was shared with beak-to-beak feeding.

3/13/12, 4:31pm EDT (nest time}, 3/16/12 3:31pm EDT (broadcast time): A rapid fish portion is delivered, the Juveniles most interested; and, one exhibits aggressive mantlin behaviour and consume the tasty morsel.

3/13/12, 1:30pm EDT (nest time}, 3/16/12 12:30pm EDT (broadcast time): Juvenile perches high on the rails and scans the sky upward. Again, the parents have been noticably absent from the nest all morning.

3/12/12, 7:24pm EDT (nest time}, 3/15/12 6:24pm EDT (broadcast time): As the skies darken at Jordan Lake, and dusk approaches, both parents return to the nest; and, appear on alert !!!

3/12/12, 5:58pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 4:58pm EDT (broadcast time): The parent arrives, seems interested in sampling some bass... the near "mantling" behavior, or just the location of the recent fish delivery prevented... the second juvenile moved over, to further obscure the recent catch.

3/12/12, 5:12pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 4:12pm EDT (broadcast time): A better view of the latest catch. It still appears to be a striper to this casual observer. Don't hesitate to correct me if it is actually a small mouth bass.

3/12/12, 5:08pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 4:08pm EDT (broadcast time): A very large fish delivery, appears to be a striped bass, or not. Activity has increased this evening.

3/12/12, 4:41pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 3:41pm EDT (broadcast time): Both juveniles went on 'alert' pivoting their heads skyward, something was apparently intruding in their airspace around the nest.

3/12/12, 4:21pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 3:21pm EDT (broadcast time): The parents have been noticably absent from the nest. Here we have a fish delivery, and both juveniles are most interested in sampling the catch of the day.

3/12/12, 1:29pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 12:29pm EDT (broadcast time): Here we see some aggresive self feeding. The nest has been parent-empty most of the morning (see posts below re: brief visits).

3/12/12, 12:34pm EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 11:34am EDT (broadcast time): From a perch on the rails, one juvenile enjoys a self-feeding snack.

3/12/12, 10:45am EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 9:45am EDT (broadcast time): Another brief (20 second) fly-in. Difficult to tell if fresh food was left on the rails.

3/12/12, 9:33am EDT (nest time), 3/15/12 8:33am EDT (broadcast time): A brief fly-in. The parent surveyed the pantry and nest, then quickly left. Should expect a food delivery shortly.

3/11/12, 6:33pm (nest time), 3/14/12 5:33pm EDT (broadcast time): It is actually getting really dark on the nest, but here, we see both parents, some beak-to-beak feeding at the left, and, pantry organization on the right.

3/11/12, 6:22pm (nest time), 3/14/12 5:22pm EDT (broadcast time): Dusk is settling in. We have a parent on the nest. No fish delivery, but, some nest arrangement and parent feeding followed.

3/11/12, 5:49pm (nest time), 3/14/12 4:49pm EDT (broadcast time): An eaglet happily shreds his own fish from a carcass, and, a sibling is up on the upper nest rails lower right.

3/11/12, 4:44pm (nest time), 3/14/12 3:44pm EDT (broadcast time): After a very short absence, we have another fly-in, this time with a fish delivery.

3/11/12, 3:52pm (nest time), 3/14/12 2:52pm EDT (broadcast time): The juveniles enjoy showing their wings to parents during fly-ins.

3/11/12, 3:50pm (nest time), 3/14/12 2:50pm EDT (broadcast time): An adult arrives at the nest. No fish delivery, but, stayed on the nest for one of the longest visits in late antiquity. The parent stayed a full 26 minutes until 4:16pm nest time.

3/11/12, 1:25pm (nest time), 3/14/12 12:25pm EDT (broadcast time): A parent returns to the nest with what appeared to be another small tasty shad. The camera delay feed was offline all morning; so, this is the first screen capture observation of the day.

3/10/12, 5:32pm (nest time), 3/13/12 4:32pm EDT (broadcast time): This juvenile, picked up a large chunk of fish, moved to his preferred location, used his talons to secure, and shredded some flesh. Satisfied, decided to display wingspan at his/her success!

3/10/12, 2:00pm (nest time), 3/13/12 1:00pm EDT (broadcast time): Very interesting behaviour, I have not observed before. Parent vigorously shreds fish, tosses the bits in the nest bowl, while an eaglet watches. Curious. Look in the shadow below the eaglet for the collection of shredded fish!

3/10/12, 1:27pm (nest time), 3/13/12 12:27am EDT (broadcast time): With dad on the nest, an eaglet dwarfs his parent with wingspan whilst ex-wing-erciseing.

3/10/12, 10:19am (nest time), 3/13/12 9:19am EDT (broadcast time): A parent arrives at nest, and beak-to-beak feeding follows. The small fish had been delivered earlier this morning. Note: the broadcast time is now lagging nest time by one hour; previously, it was the opposite.

3/9/12, 11:32am (nest time), 3/12/12 12:32pm EDT (broadcast time): An eaglet shows his self-feeding skills with one of the two small fish delivered earlier today. Both fish appeared to be shad; a very flaky, tender delicacy... the children seemed to enjoy!

3/9/12, 10:14am (nest time), 3/12/12 11:14am EDT (broadcast time): A small fish delivered, some beak-to-beak feeding, moments later second parent arrives, but only for a few moments.

3/8/12, 5:12pm (nest time), 3/11/12 6:12pm EDT (broadcast time): Both parents arrive at the nest, all is well.

3/8/12, 4:35pm (nest time), 3/11/12 5:35pm EDT (broadcast time): Yet another fly-in by parent, some beak-to-beak reluctant feeding.

3/8/12, 3:35pm (nest time), 3/11/12 4:35pm EDT (broadcast time): An adult lands on the nest; and, keeps a watchful eye... ever on alert. This is at the beginning of the time-frame that the lovely and talented professional nature photographer Denise Worden was observing below the nest. The adult kept all calm, and civilized as a juvenile eagle intruder was chased by the other parent, from Denise's observations.


3/8/12, 1:44pm (nest time), 3/11/12 2:44pm EDT (broadcast time): More "preening", those blood feathers have to be itchy. Adult stayed on nest, continued grooming, then left at 1:56 nest time with a piece of detritus that appeared to be a fish-head.

3/8/12, 1:38pm (nest time), 3/11/12 2:38pm EDT (broadcast time): Feeding lasts a few minutes, then parent begins "preening" both juveniles.

3/8/12, 1:30pm (nest time), 3/11/12 2:30pm EDT (broadcast time): A parental fly-in. A small fish is delivered. Subsequent activity warrants additional screen captures.

3/8/12, 11:22am (nest time), 3/11/12 12:22pm EDT (broadcast time): A parental fly-in. Parent seemed to be on "alert", then moved some remnants from the center of the nest back to the pantry rails. Stayed four minutes, then left. No fish delivery.

3/8/12, 8:56am (nest time), 3/11/12 9:56am EDT (broadcast time): Both parents land simultaneously, fresh fish delivered, one parent grabs some detritus and exits the nest.

3/7/12, 4:42pm: With both parents on the nest, the "teachable" moment continues for the rowdy children.

3/7/12, 4:38pm: This has been a "fractious" and rowdy food delivery. With parent on the nest, the situation is calmed.

3/7/12, 1:41pm: Another fresh sushi delivery, feeding frenzy ensues.

3/7/12, 9:20am: A fish is delivered, some beak-to-beak feeding. Parent leaves quickly, and eaglet self-feeding follows.

3/6/12, 5:41pm: Now we see yet another small fish delivered.

3/6/12, 5:10pm: The eaglets had been self-feeding for awhile, then parent arrives with a small fish. Didn't take long to consume most of it.

3/6/12, 8:51am: A parent arrives, returns the fish to the pantry, and assists with fish shredding.

3/6/12, 8:14am: The fish had been delivered 30 minutes ago. It appears this eaglet is attempting to tear off a chunk, but the result is dragging it across the nest.

3/5/12, 6:24pm: It is actually post-dusk/dark at the Jordan Lake Lodge. As with all post 3-day-delay dark letterbox feeds, this has been adjusted for HSI, gamma, and aspect ratio. It appears much brighter than reality. That said, both parents on the nest and some rail arrangeing of twigs ensued.

3/5/12, 5:53pm: With what appears to be a large catfish, just delivered, the parent eviscerates the fish, and some beak-to-beak snacking occurred.

3/5/12, 4:22pm: With a parent back on the nest, and following a pantry arrangement including some "beak to beak" feeding, the soon-to-fledge eaglets rest.

3/5/12, 4:03pm: An eaglet grabbed the carcass across the nest and "mantled". Here we see where the remainder of the protein is located along with some impressive wingspan display.

3/5/12, 3:42pm: The 3-day delay ustream feed just synched to 3/5. A parent was on the nest with fish or bird, left just as I attempted screen capture, but, here we see the eaglets self-feeding.

3/4/12, 12:34pm: The parents had been absent from the nest all morning. Here it appears a squirrel has been delivered, and, one eaglet drags it further into the nest.

3/3/12, 6:06pm: Very dark at Jordan Lake eagle Lodge,late afternoon feeding.

3/3/12, 5:15pm: A fish delivery.

3/3/12, 3:42pm: A parental fly-in, checked on nest and pantry, the sleeping eaglets did not notice.
The children never stirred from their naps.

3/3/12, 1:40pm: An afternoon snack has begun.

3/3/12, 10:11am: An eaglet displays his impressive wing span as a late morning feeding begins.

3/2/12, 2:24pm: Eaglet (right) exhibits some mantling behavior over one fish, not visible, obviously.

3/2/12, 1:17pm: Some parental help with fish prep, self-feeing followed.

3/2/12, 10:50am: Fresh fish delivery, and some feeding.

3/2/12, 9:09am: A morning snack.

3/1/12, 6:28pm: Dark, at Jordan Lake, but both parents on nest. The 5:00pm delivery is being eviscerated, and feeding continues.

3/1/12, 5:47pm: Yet another fish Delivery! Minutes ago. The parent spent moments eviscerating the catch, and a feeding frenzy ensued. The un-eviscerated 5:00 pm catch is clealy visible between the trio.

3/1/12, 5:00pm: Fish Delivery! The talented nature photographer Denise Worden captured the single-talon delivery in high definition from outside the nest. I cannot post that copyrighted image here, but, go to her facebook site for a look. Whilst everything here is open-source, please respect her intellectual property and contact her before repurposing.

3/1/12, 3:14pm: Uneventful day today. Some preliminary "mantling" behavior. However, no chatterers on ustream indicate same observation. Another wing stretch; preliminary flight plans have been filed with the FAA !!!

2/29/12, 5:53pm: The third fish delvery of the day. A large catfish, and both parents are at the aerie.

2/29/12, 3:11pm: Following some self-feeding, more "ex-Wing-erciseing".

2/29/12, 11:25am: The second fish delivery of the morning.

2/29/12, 9:08am: "ex-Wing-erciseing".

2/29/12, 8:21am: After the parent's visit, self-feeding followed. The eaglet at left, fell to one side while stretching wings.

2/29/12, 8:07am: Assistance with a morning feeding. The ustream feed is boadcasting in a letterbox format; and I have adjusted that to approximate the correct ratio without distortion.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: The second fish delivery of the morning.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Late afternoon fly-in, and snack.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Another fly-in, some feeding.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Self-feeding.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Eaglet wingspan.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: This illustrates the rapid growth of the eaglets, an easy comparison between parent and child.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: It's clear the children still prefer to be "spoon fed" so to speak.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Another new behavior observation; the children join the parent in nest arranging activity.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: A new day, and, we see self-feeding event, see time stamp below image if you are keeping a log of observations !!!

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: With dusk enveloping the Jordan Lake lodge, we see both parents together for the first time today.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Yet another late afternoon fly-in; this time a traditional beak to beak repast... so much for self-feeding 101, the parent obviously knows they need their proteins.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Parent is not so much interested in feeding the eaglet, the child tries to steal food from beak, parent ignores; parent peels skin from fish and does some shredding: "the teachable moment", survival skill 101 class.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Another parental fly-in... some initial direct feeding, but seems to be more "prep" time of the sushi.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: After nearly a six-hour absence, we have a parental fly-in.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: It initially appeared that one eaglet was going to self-feed, stood on top of fish in pantry, gave it a beak nudge, but then moved up on the rails to wingercise.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: The parental units have been away from the nest most of the morning and the early afternoon... I believe they want to allow space for the "wingerciseing" and to allow some self-feeding.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: The top eaglet has been stretching his right wing regularly while napping... quite the wing span, a gust of wind could provide lift.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: With their rapid growth, not surprising they spend alot of time resting.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: An evening snack, and their growth spurts continue.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Blurry, but a mid-feeding capture with fresh fish in the nest.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Back to nap following their snack.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: Another calm moment Saturday for a protein delivery... the children jump up from their nap, and a snack ensues.

Time stamp below photo, three day delay: It was a windy day Saturday at the nest... shadows dancing, pine boughs blowing through the camera's field of vision... the children hunkered down alot, but here we can see them during a calm moment.

Time stamp below photo: Another large chunk of protein has been delivered to the nest; but, the eaglets seem fully sated.

Three day delay: A large fish is delivered, and, the eaglets awake from their nap.

Monday, 2/27/12: They are BACK!!! Thanks to Francis and his team. Their efforts have been heroic! The video feed is a three day delay.

Tuesday, 2/21/12 7:20am: Sad news:

Monday, 2/20/12: Camera remains off-line. No verifiable updates available.

Sunday, 2/19/12: A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the nest area from 3:00pm today until 9::00am Monday. Wireless video transmissions are always impacted by rain, sleet, snow. This will likely further complicate video feed repairs today.

Saturday, 2/18/12: Camera remains off-line. No verifiable updates available.

Friday, 2/17/12: Webcam difficulties continued today. No additional observations could be made.

Thursday, 2/16/12 8:45am: A morning feeding is in progress. As evident in the photo below, image quality is still an issue. This is the clearest of the many screen captures I attempted. The video compression problems worsened throughout the day. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 2/15/12 7:58am: A situational awareness update posted on the Jordan Lake EagleCam website:
"We have made some progress over the last couple of days, but it seems like every time we fix one issue, something else goes wrong. John Wettroth, Dr. Simons and Bill Fissler have been a big help troubleshooting the recent problems, I am meeting them back out at the nest this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed."

Tuesday, 2/14/12: Webcam difficulties continued today. The Corps of Engineers report it will be Wednesday before additional repairs can be made.

Monday, 2/13/12 4:35pm: A fresh fish kill had been delivered in the photo below. Here they begin to eat.

Monday, 2/13/12 4:33pm: Webcam difficulties returned shortly after this screen capture.

Monday, 2/13/12 4:30pm: The webcam has returned... still many video artifacts and other terrestrial interference. Here we see how huge the eaglets have grown. Be patient, video engineers are on the case!

Wednesday, 2/8/12 - Sunday, 2/12/12: Webcam remains down, repairs are being efforted.

Tuesday, 2/7/12 8:30am: Corps of Engineers Biologist F.E. Ferrel reports on Jordan Lake Eagle Cam website that the replacement transmitter may be operational by Saturday morning.

Tuesday, 2/7/12 8:00am: The talented moderator's team on the ustream feed report the transmitter at the nest site has failed. They believe the video feed could be off line for a week.

Monday, 2/6/12 11:20am: Cold, wet evening at the nest. Monday morning saw a heavy frost. Technical difficulties are not unexpected in these conditions. The live video feed has been offline; but, rest assured, the Corps of Engineers is on the case. A visual update will be posted when I notice the feed return.

Sunday, 2/5/12 5:47pm: Dusk settles on the nest, and fresh sushi is served up for an evening snack.

Sunday, 2/5/12 4:40pm: Mom joins dad on the nest in the midst of an evening feeding.

Sunday, 2/5/12 10:30am: Mom vocalized just as dad arrived on the nest with a fresh small fish. Still collecting the "x" and "y" tail appearances that many claim to be the only way they can identify mom from dad. From my observations the "x" or "scissorstail" appearance is predominant with dad. But, Mom also exhibits that appearance frequently.

Sunday, 2/5/12 8:35am: A short morning snack from what could be a red-meat source.

Saturday, 2/4/12 5:42pm: Dusk, on a dark, overcast, drizzly day on Jordan Lake. A fresh carp is delivered, and the children enjoy a late night meal.

Saturday, 2/4/12 4:55pm: Image still has horizontal video artifacts, an evening feeding has begun.

Saturday, 2/4/12 2:40pm: An afternoon feeding is underway, terrestrial interference (TI, in this case rain) is causing problems with the live feed. No screen capture at this moment, the feeding is visible with the interference, the rain will soon pass, and another update will be posted as soon as a very clear image is available. For those with satellite television service, you know the drill.

Saturday, 2/4/12 12:50pm: The eaglets are not intent on gorging, enjoy a short snack. Note their talon sizes compared to the parent.

Saturday, 2/4/12 8:45am: Mom arrived with a small fresh fish. One eaglet actually snatched the entire fish for a moment.

Friday, 2/3/12 4:51pm: Well, an evening feeding has begun.

Friday, 2/3/12 4:10pm: A parent flew in, one eaglet jumped up, scurried over, got a couple of nibbles, then the parental unit flew off... not satisfied, s/he showed the size of wings to sibling.

Friday, 2/3/12 2:15pm: Dad is back on the nest after being absent most of the day. The crops on the eaglets are full, and all is well.

Friday, 2/3/12 12:55pm: An afternoon feeding has begun for the growing eating machines!

Friday, 2/3/12 12:15pm: Mom on alert again? Maybe. Or may be calling to dad for a change of guard.

Friday, 2/3/12 11:00am: Mom is on alert and vocalizing, did not seem to bother the youngsters.

Friday, 2/3/12 9:45am: Another of the increasingly frequent snacking events.

Friday, 2/3/12 8:40am: Only one of the eaglets was interested in food at this point. Shortly after 9:00am, both eaglets ate.

Thursday, 2/2/12: Technical difficulties have kept the live cam offline today. The Corps of Engineers is on the case. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 5:22pm: Dad arrives with a large carp; and, just as feeding began, he alerted and flew off.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 4:35pm: An early evening food fest.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 2:35pm: Mom has just moved protein to her "prime" preferred pantry in the upper rails. Dad has not exhibited that behaviour in my observations. That location is also preferred by the live cam viewers due to the camera angle!

Wednesday, 2/1/12 1:25pm: Dad went on alert... something flying near nest, rotating his head skyward, tracking something.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 1:05pm: A short snack, a short rest, then back to full-out feeding.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 12:03pm: Dad delivers protein to the nest; upon his departure, difficult to identify, but does not look like fish.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 9:45am: This is the third snack for the eaglets this morning. Today marks the third week since the first hatch.

Wednesday, 2/1/12 9:05am: Another warm, sunny day on the nest. Dad is ever alert.

Tuesday, 1/31/12 5:45pm: Dad arrives with a fresh carp; Mom joins him on the nest... It appears they will continue sating their appetites! Dusk is upon the nest.

Tuesday, 1/31/12 5:00pm: Unreal. The eaglets had completed a "marathon" feeding earlier, full crops, face-planted; and, now, another fly-in and they continue to eat. "Growth Spurts"

Tuesday, 1/31/12 3:47pm: Mom moves a carp carcass and an afternoon feeding follows.

Tuesday, 1/31/12 2:45pm: This image illustrates the remarkable growth in the 20 days since first hatch. The eaglet at top is captured while doing (what many call) "wingercizing."

Tuesday, 1/31/12 12:10pm: Between the children (above and below), the parent is ever-watchful. It is 62° currently.

Tuesday, 1/31/12 11:27am: Another fresh fish delivery, and the eaglets enjoy a "pre-lunch" snack. They are eating and growing machines!

Tuesday, 1/31/12 10:25am: Enjoying carp for a mid-morning feeding.

Tuesday, 1/31/12 9:35am: Mom was very vocal during this change of guard, intruders nearby?

Tuesday, 1/31/12 9:15am: A sunny and warm day at Jordan Lake, and time for a morning snack.

Monday, 1/30/12 5:05pm: The fresh sushi is again being consumed.

Monday, 1/30/12 4:58pm: Dad (left) joins Mom for a few moments on the nest.

Monday, 1/30/12 4:25pm: A large carp is delivered, and a feeding frenzy ensues!

Monday, 1/30/12 4:12pm: The eaglets have been alone on the nest for some time. Mom had a fly-in for less than a minute over an hour ago, and here she arrives to provide a few nibbles. Gone again.

Monday, 1/30/12 1:30pm: Time for an early afternoon feeding.

Monday, 1/30/12 12:05pm: Dad sat with the eaglets, abruptly left, and Mom arrived seconds later, and the feeding continues.

Monday, 1/30/12 11:45am: Another feeding from the pantry stores in the nest rails.

Monday, 1/30/12 8:05am: A quick morning snack at sunny Jordan Lake.

Sunday, 1/29/12 5:25pm: Under Mom's watchful eye, with dusk approaching, this image illustrates the growth rate since first hatch 18 days ago.

Sunday, 1/29/12 4:10pm: Eaglet (top) continues to nibble sushi following feeding and parental departure.

Sunday, 1/29/12 2:15pm: An afternoon snack. The growing eaglets seem to have an insatiable appetite!

Sunday, 1/29/12 12:20pm: Mom returns to the lodge and spends some quality time with her growing children.

Sunday, 1/29/12 11:50am: A marathon feeding ends. The eaglets began eating shortly after 11am, took a short break, and were back at it. Here dad oversees the fully sated children.

Sunday, 1/29/12 11:08am: A late morning snack for the eaglets.

Sunday, 1/29/12 8:05am: Sunny, cool morning, and time for a snack.

Saturday, 1/28/12 4:15pm: The ever growing size of the eaglets is clear, some nest maintenance has just been completed.

Saturday, 1/28/12 3:25pm: Mom has the eaglet's appetite under control during this afternoon feeding.

Saturday, 1/28/12 1:55pm: Mom remains "watchful" in the midst of an afternoon feeding.

Saturday, 1/28/12 12:15pm: It has been 17 days since the first hatch and the growth of the eaglets is clearly visible in this perspective.

Saturday, 1/28/12 11:35am: The eaglets seem to enjoy peering out the lower left rails on a regular basis. In addition to facing the sun, it probably offers a view of the "babysitting" tree.

Saturday, 1/28/12 10:45am: The eaglets have will soon have some alone time on the nest.

Saturday, 1/28/12 9:35am: Both parents on the nest for the beginning of feeding.

Friday, 1/27/12 4:50pm: The pine bough has clearly been an annoyance in today's wind, and here, a parent wrangles the offender.

Friday, 1/27/12 4:30pm: The eaglets have enjoyed fresh carp for their evening snack, and now, the parent gets some and continues to "dress" the catch.

Friday, 1/27/12 4:05pm: Fresh sushi delivery, still windy, sating of children.

Friday, 1/27/12 2:50pm: A windy afternoon at Jordan Lake as the cold front moves past, and an afternoon snack in the swaying pine tree.

Friday, 1/27/12 1:37pm: An afternoon snack has just begun for the eaglets.

Friday, 1/27/12 12:42pm: With the threat of rain gone, the eaglets are revealed, and both parents share the moment.

Friday, 1/27/12 11:50am: Protecting the eaglets during a rain shower.

Friday, 1/27/12 11:00am: Another morning feeding is just beginning.

Friday, 1/27/12 9:10am: Rain overnight and this morning at the nest, but the sun shines in time for another morning snack.

Thursday, 1/26/12 4:20pm: A fresh sushi delivery, both parents in nest moments later, dinner is served.

Thursday, 1/26/12 1:20pm: Mom has been focused on cleaning a red meat protein source for the last 25 minutes, difficult to identify, maybe small 'possum or squirrel... the children have enjoyed a taste and have dutifully watched the procedure.

Thursday, 1/26/12 12:45pm: Dad (foreground) joins Mom and the eaglets on the nest.

Thursday, 1/26/12 12:15pm: A return to the nest and the sleeping eaglets.

Thursday, 1/26/12 11:15am: The eaglets nap, and their incredible growth rate is clearly visible.

Thursday, 1/26/12 10:40am: Dad arrives with a fresh pine straw delivery, takes a few moments to observe the growing children while they snacked.

Thursday, 1/26/12 10:25am: Mom works over the carcas in the upper left rails, and the eaglets get another snack.

Thursday, 1/26/12 10:15am: The eaglets growth spurt continues, and mom takes a grooming moment.

Thursday, 1/26/12 9:00am: A hazy grey start to the day at Jordan Lake. A morning snack is just beginning.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 5:52pm: A little parental grooming as dusk settles in on scenic Jordan Lake.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 5:25pm: A fresh, gutted fish part just arrived, promptly moved to upper left nest rails, and the birthday children are feasted.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 4:34pm: The birthday kids have enjoyed alone time most of the afternoon. Here dad returns to observe the festivities.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 1:45pm: Back at the nest, and giving the webcam a glare.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 1:15pm: The children belly-up to the counter in the pantry again.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 12:00pm: The eaglettes now get right into the pantry for their snacks. They are even pecking at the protein on their own.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 11:00am: A nest visit. About twenty minutes ago, there was a very short visit with some pantry and rail work.

Wednesday, 1/25/12 10:00am: Today marks two-weeks since the first eaglet was hatched. They have really grown, and now, spend more time alone in nest (a parent is always nearby).

Wednesday, 1/25/12 9:10am: The eaglets queue up for a morning snack.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 5:42pm: Some type of protein (or nesting material) was delivered to the lower rails outside camera view. The parent worked on it dilligently for nearly 5 minutes, so, will guess it is protein. Dusk now. An evening snack from the upper left rail followed.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 5:02pm: Mom returns to the nest and serves up the evening respast.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 3:33pm: The remainder of the 1:30 fresh catch (mid body to fish tail) was just moved to the far rails. An afternoon snack followed.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 1:36pm: A freshly caught sushi delivery arrives, and the first of the children get a taste.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 1:00pm: The children venture to the far, lower edge of the nest bowl at the edge of the rails... something of interest is within their viewing distance....

Tuesday, 1/24/12 12:30pm: Dad is clearly agitated by interlopers (crows?). He vocalized and spun his head in every direction, whatever the annoyance, it was truly flying!!!

Tuesday, 1/24/12 12:22pm: Some lunch from the stash in the far rails.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 12:05pm: A fly-in visit to the "latch-key" kids. Some home ownership details attended to in the pantry. It's a beautiful, sunny, warm day on Jordan Lake.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 10:25am: Dad has returned to the nest. One eaglet got a snack, and then the parent dutifully groomed the nest bowl material. The kids were then left napping and now, a return to the nest with a large, fresh, pine bough.

Tuesday, 1/24/12 10:00am: The eaglettes have been alone on the nest for well over an hour now. Stretching, playing, and voalizing... and plenty of napping.

Monday, 1/23/12 5:20pm: Huge dinner for the eaglets, dusk now at Jordan Lake.

Monday, 1/23/12 4:30pm: It's been another haze grey day at Jordan Lake. Pantry arrangement has been a point of emphasis with the parental units. Here, a fish from the top rails has been moved back on the stack. I visited ustream to read chat for about 15 minutes, and, along with the usual gender questions, there was alot of speculation about the food on the top rails. It was this fish, probably a gar or small bowfin.

Monday, 1/23/12 12:25pm: The kids got a HUGE lunch, they won't have any problem taking a long afternoon nap.

Monday, 1/23/12 10:55am: A quick snack, followed by a changeing of the guard.

Monday, 1/23/12 10:10am: Hungry, and growing eaglets, get a morning snack.

Monday, 1/23/12 9:30am: Back on the nest, and the peeps.

Sunday, 1/22/12 5:30pm: It's dusk at Jordan Lake. Some protein was moved to the opposite rails of the nest, and a quick taste was provided.

Sunday, 1/22/12 4:30pm: WOW, dad just did a fly-in "sushi" delivery of a headless fish... they are ready for the growth spurts !!!

Sunday, 1/22/12 4:05pm: Mom moved what appeared to be detritus to the far rails of the nest, had a taste, and then shared with the eaglets.

Sunday, 1/22/12 2:50pm: A fresh fish had been delivered to the "cold-smoked" pantry earlier. Here it is prepped for the ensuing afternoon snack.

Sunday, 1/22/12 12:50pm: Some nourishment from a stash in the opposite rails of the primary pantry.

Sunday, 1/22/12 11:20am: Intruders (crows?) may be near the nest. Mom was up, visibly agitated, and vocalizing!!!

Sunday, 1/22/12 10:42am: A mid-morning snack.

Sunday, 1/22/12 10:00am: Some detritus (the remains of a fish head) was just removed from the nest. And, a twig moved near the eaglets. Following those chores, the twig was moved, and grooming of the nest bowl ensued.

Sunday, 1/22/12 9:20am: Another haze grey and misty day at Jordan Lake. And, a morning snack.

Saturday, 1/21/12 4:40pm: Local weather and TI impacting image quality today. Here, mom helps sate the voracious appetites of the eaglets.

Saturday, 1/21/12 2:15pm: Mom provides an afternoon snack.

Saturday, 1/21/12 1:15pm: Mom arrives, and takes over duties from dad.

Saturday, 1/21/12 11:40am: Enjoying a lunch time snack.

Saturday, 1/21/12 9:45am: Mom takes care of a morning snack for the growing bobbleheads.

Saturday, 1/21/12 9:20am: Dreary, rainy, day at the nest.

Friday, 1/20/12 5:40pm: It is dusk, well, actually dark at Jordan Lake. I am amazed by the f-stop capability of the webcam, KUDOS to the Corps of Engineers and NCSU!

Friday, 1/20/12 1:10pm: Dad looks up to camera to verify we are observing his "bark therapy".

Friday, 1/20/12 1:10pm: The eaglets "sun bathed" for quite awhile, then enjoyed an afternoon snack. And then, a piece of bark was placed between the children!!!

Friday, 1/20/12 11:50am: The fresh catfish is prepped, served to the eaglets, they will enjoy the "cold smoked" fish in the future.

Friday, 1/20/12 10:05am: A fresh catfish is delivered to the pantry, and, a changeing of the guard.

Friday, 1/20/12 8:50am: Mom eyeballs the camera during a morning snack.

Friday, 1/20/12 8:05am: Breakfast.

Thursday, 1/19/12 5:31pm: This is kewl, Dad (top) and Mom both feed the children.

Thursday, 1/19/12 4:45pm: Mom is up, working on the pantry and the nest rails while the children nap, when they woke up, a snack was dutifully served!!! I suspect we may see an eaglet bridge the rim of the nest bowl Friday.

Thursday, 1/19/12 3:55pm: Hungry Mom spent some time sating herself while the children waited patiently. The eaglets then received their snack.

Thursday, 1/19/12 2:00pm: Another snack, more screen captures today than usual, the peeps seem to be developing quickly.

Thursday, 1/19/12 1:00pm: The eaglets were given about 12 minutes in the nest to stretch and burn calories. A feeding followed at 1:10.

Thursday, 1/19/12 11:20am: Proud parents admire their peeps!

Thursday, 1/19/12 11:00am: It appears the parental strategy is to move the food source closer to the center of the nest, giving the eaglets an up-close view of the shredding process. Moments later, one eaglet actually got his head close enough to give the carcass a peck!

Thursday, 1/19/12 9:40am: Another morning snack.

Thursday, 1/19/12 8:55am: Dad provides some nourishment.

Thursday, 1/19/12 8:05am: A fresh fish delivered, and a morning changeing of the guard.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 6:45pm: At dusk, shredding flesh for another feed.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 3:30pm: The squab is picked for an afternoon snack.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 1:00pm: The eaglets are getting mobile, attempt to move up the "bowl" edge, won't be long until they are moving about.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 12:12pm: The squab is moved back from the left rails to the right rails, pantry ogranizing, followed by lunch.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 10:45am: Another morning snack.

Wednesday, 1/18/12 9:38am: Dad started the morning snack, and then here a guard change, and Mom returns for desert course.

Tuesday, 1/17/12 4:30pm: Guard change. More snacking followed.

Tuesday, 1/17/12 4:15pm: Some flesh for the children from a stash in the opposite rails of the nest.

Tuesday, 1/17/12 2:50pm: Live feed has returned, just in time for an afternoon snack.

Tuesday, 1/17/12: The webcam was back up for a brief time yesterday, another gremlin reared it's head shortly before dusk. Will be interesting to see how the bobbleheads have grown during this downtime. The Corps of Engineers is on the case.

Monday, 1/16/12 4:43pm: Live feed has returned. A new (to us) fish has been added to the food stockpile on the nest rails.

Monday, 1/16/12: Live webcam off-line early this morning. The Corps of Engineers is on the case.

Sunday, 1/15/12: Live webcam off-line today. Power outage at the communications shed reported. The Corps of Engineers is on the case. There was a report posted to facebook that a morning feeding concluded at 7:07 am before the power outage.

Saturday, 1/14/12 5:40pm: About three minutes of the parent fileting and shredding fish, the babies get a taste, then, it was back to the duck. That fish was the first one delivered to the stockpile on Tuesday 1/10/12 2:06pm, before the hatch. Scroll down for the photos. The most recent fish is visible to the left of the squab. This "original headless bass" was pulled from the "rails" for feeding.

Saturday, 1/14/12 4:44pm: Some more duck for the bobbleheads snack.

Saturday, 1/14/12 2:10pm: The hungry babies are fed again.

Saturday, 1/14/12 12:30pm: Change of guard.

Saturday, 1/14/12 11:55am: Dad picking the duck for the hungry bobbleheads.

Saturday, 1/14/12 11:10am: Some more duck for the hungry bobbleheads.

Saturday, 1/14/12 10:25am: A fresh fish was just delivered to the nest baby food stockpile.

Saturday, 1/14/12 10:02am: A morning changing of the guard and a snack for the children.

Friday, 1/13/12 5:33pm: Still feeding from duck, mate appeared moments later to observe.

Friday, 1/13/12 4:41pm: The bobbleheads want more duck and foie gras.

Friday, 1/13/12 4:00pm: These Eagles are true conservationists, still ignoring the squab to feed the young from the duck carcass remnants.

Friday, 1/13/12 2:30pm: Another changeing of the guard, the bobbleheads are growing up.

Friday, 1/13/12 12:10pm: Still picking the duck remains, the squab will wait until later, the "cold smoked" bass is still in the food cache.

Friday, 1/13/12 11:10am: Live feed returns, adult doing some de-feathering on the remains of the duck.

Friday, 1/13/12 11:02am: Mom drags the duck carcass across the nest, the live video feed then went offline. Clearly dad is on the nest.

Friday, 1/13/12 10:45am: Cold and windy today, parents staying on the eaglets alot, the adult core temperature is 106 degrees, I believe, but will verify.

Friday, 1/13/12 8:30am: The latest addition to the food stockpile appears to be a squab, right bottom near fish in the banches.

Friday, 1/13/12 8:30am: The latest addition to the food stockpile appears to be a squab, right bottom near fish in the banches.

Friday, 1/13/12 8:10am: Duck for breakfast this morning.

Thursday, 1/12/12 5:42pm: Shredding some of the "headless fish" for the kids, tired of the damn duck!!!.

Thursday, 1/12/12 5:15pm: More shredded duck before sunset, believe that carcas will be gone soon.

Thursday, 1/12/12 2:38pm: Some more feeding activity from the duck carcas, I will guess there will be another carry out delivery in the near future.

Thursday, 1/12/12 2:15pm: Another changeing of the guard, both mom and dad hung around to admire their brood, no feeding activity.

Thursday, 1/12/12 1:00pm: The children receive some more protein.

Thursday, 1/12/12 11:20am: Babies get another snack of duck.

Thursday, 1/12/12 10:45am: Shift change, and the bobleheads get another taste of "foie gras".

Thursday, 1/12/12 8:36am: The second eaglet has landed !!!

Thursday, 1/12/12 8:30am: A second pip? The corps of engineers ustream feed just returned, and, that looks like debris from two shells !!!

Wednesday, 1/11/12 4:58pm: A second pip? Hard to tell, but, it appears that way. The first eaglet looks comfy! I beleive the second egg will have hatched before we can see in daylight Thursday...

Wednesday, 1/11/12 2:58pm: The eaglet is visible.

Wednesday, 1/11/12 2:45pm: PIP, eaglet arrived. Dad left duck for dinner to go with the bass from yesterday.

Wednesday, 1/11/12 12:02pm: Some "kissy face" during this change of guard. It is obvious here that the male is on the left, and the much larger female is on the right! Excellent parenting skills!

Wednesday, 1/11/12 11:58am: Another fly-in, and change of guard, they are more frequent now.

Wednesday, 1/11/12 10:20am: Dad returns with a large LOG... lays it on Mom's back, both get up and arrange the cabin, and, a change of guard! .

Wednesday, 1/11/12 10:03am: Mom vocalized, and Dad arrives, guessing crows in the vicinity.

Wednesday, 1/11/12 9:03am: Mom arrives for another guard change.

Wednesday, 1/11/12 7:12am: Guard change, appears to be nest debris on egg, both eggs rolled.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 5:44pm: Sun hast set, eagle gets up, hard to tell if pip.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 4:48pm: Dad gets up, vocalizes, and we have another changeing of the guard.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 3:57pm: Changeing of the guard, eggs still intact.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 3:41pm: Up, a quick taste of sushi, then hide sushi, both eggs still intact.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 2:11pm: Sushi in the nest.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 2:06pm: Sushi delivery, this a good sign that the first egg will hatch soon.

Tuesday, 1/10/12 10:42am: Dad doing the "egg roll". Much better weather today.

Monday, 1/9/12 10:20am: Prior to changing of guard. The link was down earlier today, and TI (terrestrial interference) is obviously impacting the feed. I did capture an mp4 video, but have not had a chance to clean up and post.

Sunday, 1/8/12 5:28pm: (getting dark now, hope the eaglets hatch in daylight.)

Sunday, 1/8/12 5:14pm: I don't think that is a crack in the one egg.

Sunday, 1/8/12 9:51am: Mom arrives to relieve Dad for a sushi break, another changing of the guard.

Thursday, 1/5/12 2:15pm: Getting comfortable after egg roll. The webcam then went down until 1/8/12.

Thursday, 1/5/12 2:00pm: The "empty nest" whilst Mom arrives for her shift.

Thursday, 1/5/12 1:04pm: Dad does the obligatory "egg roll" before his sushi break and Mom's arrival.

Thursday, 1/5/12 12:51pm: "Kewl", I see Mom approaching, time for lunch.

Thursday, 1/5/12 11:19am: I followed last season, and now, see a feed is up. I regretted not recording last year, and hope to catch memorable moments this year.

I will provide salient information here:

Unfortunately, some sites become static and part of late antiquity and the ephemera the internet has evolved into. I will attempt to stay on top of this, as time permits.